Children Need Care and Protection

There is a popular saying that goes something like: “Children are our future”. Maybe we should just remember them as children, needing care and protection.

Ron and Audrey are using motorcycle rides to raise awareness of the horrible atrocities children have endured. Today many of these same children are again subject to horrible atrocities in the refugee camps. For the children in the refugee camps, the horrors of war have moved on but the dark memories, physical pain and mental scars remain. Bombs, Tanks, Murder, Rape, and Brutal Deaths have now been replaced with weather, starvation, medical needs, and lack of educational opportunities and hope.

According to the UN Refugee Agency, there are over 5 Million refugees from Syria, with Jordan hosting more than 1.3 million. Over 50% of the refugees are children.   The global refugee crises is the greatest humanitarian disaster of our time. The United Nations and countries like Jordan are strained and unable to provide even the most basic of need to those existing in refugee camps.

We can’t make it all better for the children but together we can help. Your donation will provide refugees with life saving essentials such as..

MEDICAL CARE:   In the Refugee camps disease can spread quickly. Your donation will provide medical care in the camps.

EMERGENCY SUPPLIES: Food, clean water and warm clothing are scarce in most refugee camps. Your donation will help provide some of these basic necessities.

EDUCATION: Education is the key that unlocks the door in this hopeless situation. Education can transform the broken and hopeless mind and spirit. Your donation will provide a child with hope for a more promising future.

Donate now. If you don’t donate now life will go on and you will forget that there are children suffering unimaginable despair, needing your care and protection

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