About Ron & Audrey

Ron and Audrey live in San Diego, California, and enjoy motorcycle riding. Ron averages more than 20,000 miles a year on his Harley-Davidson. He is a retired Navy Seal whose career spanned more than 30 years, from Vietnam to Iraq. Ron was awarded four Bronze Stars and numerous other medals for his actions in combat.

Ron uses the planning skills he learned as a Seal to now organize group motorcycle rides. Audrey had a 30-year career as a financial planner and is part of a team specializing in wealth management and life stewardship.

The despair that follows war is something Ron knows all too well. He has seen firsthand the toll war can take — not only on the body, but also to the mind and spirit of children. Ron and Audrey share a burden for children who are crawling out of the rubble following ISIS’ attacks in Iraq. There is so much need in the world today, but they want to focus their efforts on children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

To raise money to help these children, the couple created Ride 4 Children. Motorcyclists are encouraged to share this site with friends and ask them to donate. Together we can make a difference!